Junior Sharks Developmental Program

The CT- Sharks Introductory Select Teams are comprised of players in 3rd Grade (Graduation Year 2030) and 4th Grade (Graduation Year 2029). Our introductory team is focused on teaching the core fundamentals to our youngest athletes and helping them mold into players who are looking to compete at a high level in the sport of lacrosse as they grow older. This team will provide our players with the experience of training year-round and gaining an understanding of what Club lacrosse really is with a modified structure preparing them to make the transition into our Full Club Team Format as they enter into the following year. These teams will compete in 1 Fall Tournament and 3 Summer Tournaments. CT-Sharks LC is for players who are looking to take their game to the next level and compete against strong competition from around the North East and across the country.  This program is focused on bringing together our athletes into competitive teams and training together throughout the offseason as a unit to maximize their cohesiveness, gaining the club team repetitions needed to dominate in tournament play while having as much fun as possible.

  • Our 3rd and 4th grade teams will be challenged in high paced skill training practices in the Fall/ Winter (Optional)/ and Summer Months. They will receive all of the Sharks gear listed above and will compete in 1 Fall tournament and 3 Summer Tournaments.
    • Graduation Year:
      • 2030- Current Grade 3rd
      • 2029- Current Grade 4th

2029/30 Coaching Staff

Brian Martin

Head Coach

John Blackwell

Assistant Coach

Summer ’21 Practice Schedule


Team NameWeekDateDayTimeLocationField
B-2029-30115-JunTuesday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass
B-2029-30117-JunThursday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass
B-2029-30329-JunTuesday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass
B-2029-3031-JulThursday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass
B-2029-3046-JulTuesday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass
B-2029-3048-JulThursday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass
B-2029-30513-JulTuesday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass
B-2029-30515-JulThursday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass
B-2029-30620-JulTuesday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass
B-2029-30622-JulThursday5:00-6:30PMWilliams Athletic ComplexGrass

2021 Youth Summer Tournaments




June 26Middletown, NY 



Sharks Girls LC 2022-23 – Shoreline LacrosseBoys:


July 10

North Branford, CT 
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