CT-Shoreline Sharks 2027-28

The CT-Shoreline Sharks 2027-28 Graduation Year team is our introductory into Club Lacrosse Team.

Our proven model that we have created allows us to utilize our training structure to have a set schedule throughout the Fall and the Winter Seasons with an open registration for this age group during the first two seasons to allow us to continue to bring an influx of players in who are interested in advanced training and learning what it means to be a part of a club organization. We will cap off the amount of players at 20.

The introduction training program will be formatted exactly like our older teams model with the Fall and Winter practice structure. The difference is that we will focus our practices on mastering the basic fundamental skills and learning the game the right way.  Players will receive all of the same gear as our older Club teams do.  Practices will be focused as “Skills Clinics” during the Fall and Winter months which is extremely important because at this age players will be able to excel at the highest level when focusing on mastering the fundamentals they will need to be successful in their Lacrosse careers!

Sessions will be 1 hour long and will serve as a way for our players to be a part of a fun learning experience and become exposed to our older club team model and learn what it means to play club lacrosse.

The primary goal of this program is to expose this age group to a different level of Lacrosse and help them really enjoy learning such a great game to prepare them for our full team model next year as they enter into 5th Grade. 

2027/28 Coaching Staff

Dean Patty

Head Coach

Brad Sullivan

Assistant Coach
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